I’m still unsatisfied.. sorta

Well.. I’m nearly a week into this, okay I’m only five days into this… and I’ve noticed a few things.

1. There are about a kagillon commercials on TV for food.  BAD food.  There are no commercials for apples.. or bananas, No, it’s BIG MAC with double fries and OOH look PIZZA only $5, the closest thing to healthy that caught my attention was the Yoplait commercial about the bear sheriff, and I think that only caught my attention because she’s talking about a frikkin CAKE. 

You Don’t have to be Mean to the Cakes

2. They don’t make it EASY to buy healthy things – and forget it if you want CHOICE.  I have decided that I do in fact like the Carnation Instabreakfast thing, but I know me and I Know that I am going to get sick of Chocolate flavor.  Unfortunately it seems that I can only get the other flavors, Strawberry and Vanilla, as part of a variety pack.  No big deal, I’m good with Variety, but it seems I can’t buy the variety pack locally.  Oh no, I have to order it.  On line.  by the CASE.

So I really have to commit.  $41 to get a CASE of 64 packets, Sugar Free, Variety.

Why do they make it so hard, why do I have to fork over serious cash and commit to liking this every day for TWO solid months and some change in order to get variety?  In order to make it more likely that I will not get so sick of it that I stop?  Now of course, if I want the one loaded with sugar, (which adds 150 calories to the deal) I can get boxes of strawberry, boxes of chocolate, boxes of vanilla, boxes of variety, hell I can even get CANNISTERS of the stuff. 

But for now, I’m relegated to the single flavor of chocolate.  I hope I hold strong.

3. If Michelle Obama wants to know why this country is so fat, take her to a grocery store and make her stay on a budget.  I shop for three people.  One of which is on a renal PD dialysis diet (not easy to shop for).  Typically I buy what the person on Dialysis needs to eat and then fill in the rest of the budget with what the other two can eat as healthy as possible.  I tend to spend about $200 bucks a week at the grocery store.  Today.  I went with the fact in mind that I would be extra vigilant in buying only healthy things.  Let’s start with Ground Beef, yes I know, not the best, but we’re trying here.  The 93%lean, 7% fat is 3.54 a pound.  want to be healthier?  the 97% lean, 3% fat is 4.99 a pound.  Trying to save money?  Sure, no problem, the 75% lean, 25% fat?  1.89 a pound. Do the math.  But I hocked over the 4.99 a pound and moved on. 

Let’s try cottage cheese.  The regular, full of fatty goodness kind in the store brand is 1.99 for 24oz.  That’s what I’m talking about.  But oh wait, you want to be lo fat, or FORBID fat free?  Well the store brand doesn’t come in those varieties, so for the fat free cottage cheese, I had to go name brand and it was 2.99 for 16oz. Do the math, but I hocked over the 2.99 and went on. 

How about a treat?  TREAT you say?  Yes, a treat.  Something easy and nice, Popsicles.  It is hotter than two mating weasels in a burlap sack around here, Popsicles are mana from the gods, I’m certain of it.  So I take a stroll down the treat isle, bypassing like a good girl the pints of HäagenDaz that I know are screaming my name down to the Popsicles section.  It was a beating.  I can get a ginormous box of 24 regular Popsicles for about 2 bucks. Want sugar free?  Ooh sorry, the count goes down to 12 and tack on another buck.  2.99.  So.. half as many and I get to pay more.. yippeee.  Then insult of insult I notice that I can get those freez-e pops that are in plastic sheaths that you take home and freeze..  a box of 30 for 1.50.  They don’t even carry those in Sugar Free.  I finally settled on a variety box  of name brand Popsicles, containing a total of 24, regular Popsicles, creamscicles and fudgescicles, at a nice round figure of 4.99 a box. 

And one more, that just made me grin.  I can get a huge bag of chips for 2.50 a bag.  Name brand even.  I can get a 7oz bag of salad, just salad, no dressing, no veggies in it, just various types of lettuce, for 2.98.  Tell me there is something WRONG with that. 

All in all, my usual trip to the grocery store, buying food and supplies for a week rounded off just at $240.00.  And I bought LESS food.  😦

Strangely enough, I’ve found so far that I do better when I’m at work, at staying to normal eating times and eating when and what I should.  Now granted, that might be in part to the fact that I wasn’t prepared at home, but hopefully with today’s haul of food I’m good and ready.  We’ll see.

I’m afraid to look at the scale, I don’t feel like I’ve lost any weight, which at this point would just be depressing. I’m not starving, but I’m sure unsatisfied!!!


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